imageI am a certified Movnat trainer specializing in functional fitness with an emphasis on moving efficiently in nature. I will be offering group fitness classes, and small group or personal training. Certified as a Functional Strength Coach and currently getting Level 2 Movnat and Functional Movement Screen certifications as well. I have adventure racing, triathlon, and road and trail ultra distance racing experience. I coach whitewater kayaking and play in the mountains of NH and abroad excessively and can help you reach your goals or plan an adventure in the mountains!

Leanne Bernier

Contact me:  907-830-8029


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  1. Hi i have been going to the gym for about 3yrs.Iam 44yrs old i have always been long and lanky I would like to have more upper body musle but i dont feel like iam getting anywere.I started going to the gym for ashma and i do a half hour of cardio and a halr hour of lifting weights or working on legs.I go 3 days a week for 1 hour . i have a hectic sch.


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