All New Services and Locations

Hi, much has changed lately and so I have expanded what I have to offer. I still have the outdoor training available at the Dow and Fox hill park in Franconia, but also am working on developing a bootcamp style class at Root to Bloom Yoga and Wellness Studio, and am currently offering personal training at Fitness Authority, both in Littleton.

I have also decided to expand into what I love more than anything,  White Mountain adventuring. I have extensive knowledge of my backyard and can facilitate hiking, trail running, mountain biking or road biking, swimming hole trips, and even backcountry skiing and white water kayaking. If there is an activity you’ve been wanting to get out and do, need a partner with logistic experience, or just want to tap into some local knowledge get in touch and we will put it all together.




Profile Wellness Class

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Get your flow on!

Some days, and sometimes for weeks on end, you go out to do your thing, whatever it is, and your body feels off, awkward, tired, or unskilled. Other days, or moments, everything clicks, you body responds adeptly, movements feel easy and your mind can just bliss out. This summer I’ve been finding that flow state more frequently than ever. Movnat training has taught me to move more efficiently, which it is supposed to do, but I keep getting blown away by my times on trail runs I’ve been doing for years. I’m hitting PR’s when I feel like I’m just taking it easy.
On the flip side, lately when I’m out running in the woods I see a natural feature like a blown down tree and want to session it, like this guy does in this tree parkour video, but my first meager attempts have ended in a dirty cut up pile on the ground.


OutFit Natural Movement Training on your turf

Do you play actively on weekends with friends and family, hiking or biking? Do you do community service, or yard work that requires carrying or heavy lifting? Do you participate in sports, for fun or competitively, that require precision and coordination? MovNat can help your body perform better in all these scenarios by increasing your efficiency, balance, body awareness and movement techniques. Try the following Movements of the Day and see how your body responds. The equipment required is minimal and can be found in your garage, out in the woods, or at a playground. Grab a family member if you want! If you like it and want to try more, or want help getting started contact me and book a session!
Beginner Program
Intermediate Program


What MovNat is and why you should try it.

As an avid outdoor sports athlete I have always spent a ton of time outside moving in nature in varying ways depending on the weather and agenda. Moving outside is tons of fun, the scenery changes, you can do it with your family and friends, and the environment varies giving our bodies different challenges. When I stumbled upon MovNat on a food blog a few years ago I couldn’t wait to train with it and eventually bring it to the White Mountains. MovNat incorporates natural human movement skills like running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, lifting & carrying, throwing & catching. This trains you to be physically competent for practical performance, aiming at effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability. The original natural movement concept has an interesting origin,  founded by Georges Herbert in 1905, then was reborn by Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat. Watch the video below of the workout the world forgot.